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Little Acorns Community Nursery

About us

At Little Acorns Community Nursery we use the terms day nursery and nursery school to describe the childcare we provide to the parents and children of Burnley, Lancashire.

At Little Acorns Community Nursery we aim to create a foundation for learning for preschool children by providing a caring and secure environment for all physical and educational needs, in which they can learn and develop through contrasting combinations of structured and free play.

Their day is interspersed with activities such as creative, physical, imaginative and intellectual play. This is balanced with free play where they can choose their own play activity, moving around freely, making choices and building and developing their own friendships. As each child progresses through nursery they gain confidence in preparation for that all-important first day at school.

Little Acorns Community Nursery supports key parenting activities such as:

  • Healthy eating in partnership with the Community Café where the emphasis is on quality affordable food, grown locally where possible.
  • Breast feeding awareness in association with Surestart programmes
  • Smiling for Life with PCT, NHS and East Lancs Dental Association
  • Crèche for Learning


Catering for 3 months to 2 years old and providing one member of staff for every three children.

Our staff offer your child a relaxed, caring homely environment with the peace of mind needed when making the decision to return to work, start training, or attend courses and decide to introduce your child to nursery.

A wide range of activities is always available for fun and learning of their initial life skills. Even at this early stage, children really enjoy messy painting, water and sand, imaginary play, books with big bright pictures and song and rhyme time.

You will feel safe and confident that your most treasured is being cared for by trained qualified staff in excellent surroundings.


Catering for 2 - 3 year olds and providing one member of staff for every four children.

Joining the Toddlers from the Babies is the start of a more structured day, which will involve messy time activities such as oil, bubble and brush painting, collage, playdough and sand.

Topic time involves number, colour and shape recognition, and pencil and scissor control. These aim to develop concentration, social skills as well as listening skills.

By the time they leave this group we aim to have provided each child with the basic knowledge of colour, shape and number as a basis for the more in depth pre-school work covered by the Pre school group.

Free play is a time when your child is able to make its own choice of activity. These may be table toys, storybooks, climbing frames or the home corner.

The majority of toilet training also takes place within this group, expanding each child's independence.

Pre school

Catering for 3 to 'school' year olds and providing one member of staff for every eight children.

The pre school staff aim to promote all aspects of child development to help prepare your child for school. All the pre-school work carried out is carefully monitored to ensure we meet and maintain standards set down by the OFFICE OF STANDARDS IN EDUCATION (OFSTED).

The children also have regular music and movement sessions with staff. This encourages self-confidence and develops social skills.

When preparing the Pre schoolers for school we plan each activity to be fun as well as a learning experience.

All children have an individual work file comprising of all they have achieved over the years they have spent in our care. It also shows how they have developed from Babies to toddlers. It is a record for parents/carers and children to look back on and remember the nursery days.

Additional Information


Payments are required in advance on the first day of attendance unless prior arrangements have been made with the manager.

Two weeks notice is required if the place is no longer required.

As we have to continue to hold places open we have to charge the full rate of absences due to sickness and holidays. Naturally no charge is made when the nursery is closed.

Arrangements can be made to see a lone parent advisor to provide information on benefits available to you.

Free Childcare

Little Acorns Community Nursery is an eligible provider of government funded free childcare and can advise you on tax-free childcare and maximizing the childcare funding benefits that are available to all parents.

Childcare Vouchers

Little Acorns Community Nursery accepts all childcare vouchers.


Meals provided include breakfast, lunch and tea with snacks mid-morning and afternoon. Cooked in the community cafe and served fresh daily we operate a healthy menu that is displayed in nursery. Special diets are catered for if required.


All coats and clothes should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. All children should bring a labelled bag with spare clothes in case of accidents during messy play or toilet training.


Rest periods are built into the day. Outside this time any child who wants to rest may do so. If you have any particular requirements please ask.


Staff at Little Acorns are happy to discuss various situations which can arise at nursery where concern is shown. Time out periods, distraction and redirection are used to refocus activities or redress behaviour. Smacking and physical punishment is not permitted.

Medical Requirements

Should your child need medication whilst at nursery, prescribed medicine can be administered by staff with your written consent. To protect all children in the nursery your child must be kept at home if they have a temperature above 37°C, tummy upset, vomiting or diarrhoea, infection or rashes such as chicken pox, sore or discharging eyes or ears.

Parental Involvement

At Little Acorns we are always available to discuss any matters concerning your child. We encourage a strong liaison between the staff and parents/carers and welcome parental involvement.

If there is any matter of particular concern please contact the manager.

Policy and Procedure Board

In the entrance hall of the nursery we have a policy and procedure board, these are displayed on a monthly basis. There is a full list of all policies and procedures should you wish to view a policy or procedure that wasn’t on display.

Smiling For Life

Little Acorns Community Nursery has been accredited with the Smiling For Life award, for this we encourage healthy eating for example at snack time we have milk and fruit and other sugar free alternatives such as bread sticks. Tooth brushing after lunch is also encouraged with the Toddlers and Pre schoolers.

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