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Little Acorns Nursery

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Little Acorns Nursery provide ?

Little Acorns Nursery can be described as a childcare provider, Private Day Nursery, Day Nursery, Nursery, Nursery School, Pre-school or Kindergarten, any of these terms is appropriate.

Where is Little Acorns Nursery exactly ?

Little Acorns Nursery is just off the A6 in Clayton-le-Woods, Chorley, Lancashire, close to the Asda supermarket.

Does my child have to attend the same days and times each week?

Not at all. We cater for many different working patterns and indeed some complex rotas. We will do our best to provide the hours you want.

What happens regarding pre-admission visits ?

Please feel free to visit as many times as you want. We are only happy if you are. Some parents like to bring their child to play in the nursery for a few hours a day to see how thing go. This is entirely your choice.

What safety precautions do you have whilst the children are playing outside ?

Naturally there is close supervision at all times. The fence and gate arrangements prevent the sudden dash.

How can I be certain that my child only leaves the nursery with me or a person I have sent ?

We operate a code word system. When you register the security measures will be explained to you, for security reasons it cannot be detailed here.

Would I be notified if any of the nursery children are diagnosed as having an infectious disease ?

A notice will be displayed on the parent's information board and all the necessary precautions taken.

What parental involvement goes on in the nursery ?

As much or as little as you decide. Parents are always welcome. Just ask the manager and we will try and accommodate your needs.

Are there periods during the day when my child can rest ?

Yes, all children get the chance to rest during the day.

How long is your waiting list ?

This varies with your requirements and we will tell you the situation by telephone or during a pre-registration visit.

What discipline do you have during meal times ?

Staff sit with the children and therefore create a more family feel to meal times where a gentle focus on table manners is maintained.

Do I have to register for a place ?

It is better to reserve a place, the earlier you do so the better chances of obtaining what you require.

What sort of staff do you employ ?

All our staff are qualified or in the process of training to the National Standards.

What times do you open ?

We open 7.45am to 5.45pm Monday to Friday.

When do you shut ?

Closed on Bank holidays and over Christmas and New Year.

What meals and snacks are provided during the day ?

Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and a teatime snacks are provided.

If I was late arriving at the nursery in the evening what would happen ?

Firstly don't panic, we will welcome a telephone call but understand that sometimes this is not possible. We will arrange for a member of staff to wait until you arrive.

Where do a majority of the families live who attend nursery ?

Most of our families live within a 5-mile radius of Chorley.

How often do you have a fire drill ?

Every 3 months, and we can empty the nursery in seconds if required. Registers are checked to ensure no one has been left behind.

What would happen in an emergency, say if my child had an accident ?

It depends what kind of accident. Parents would be contacted and the duty manager would make the decision as to whether to call a doctor or ambulance. As part of training we aim to ensure we can deal with emergencies and many of our staff have First Aid training.

How many children are you registered for ?

Our registration certificate is situated in the entrance hall.

What if I need to ring to see if my child is all right during the day ?

This is no problem at all. If at any time you wish to telephone, do so rather than worry.

How do you cater for children who have special dietary needs ?

During registration and pre-visits you will be asked if you have any special needs. Let us know and we will cater for them.

What do I pay in the event of my child being absent ?

In common with most nurseries in the area we charge full rate. The fees are charged to reserve a place and staff are employed accordingly.

I have been asked to work more hours than I originally intended. Is that a problem ?

Ask, we will do our best to accommodate you.

You will have many other questions, so please ask away... you can telephone or contact us online

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